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Because you Asked us for it,
         We are happy to announce our:

Term Life Insurance Support Desk

Remember to provide - “Protection Planning” when reviewing the Financial Plan for your clients:

    1. Provide security for your family,
    2. Protect your home mortgage,
    3. take care of your estate planning needs,
    4. Look at other retirement savings/income vehicles,
We can help with all your Life Insurance Needs – to include Term Insurance.

Our Term Support Desk offers:

  • Primary Term Insurance Carriers : The same as your approved Companies! ING, Lincoln National, John Hancock, MetLife, Prudential, Pacific Life, etc.

  • All product Offerings :
    1. Annual Renewable Term (ART)
    2. Level Premium Term – With guarantees of 10, 15,
         20, & 30 yrs
    3. Convertible Term

  • Our advantage is that :
    1. We will manage the application and appointment process
    2. We will manage the underwriting process
    3. We will manage the policy delivery, while
    4. Keeping you informed throughout.

To get a quote or to start the process we will need,
the Client’s:

    1. Name
    2. Date of Birth
    3. Smoker Status
    4. Application State
    5. Health Issue – if known
    6. Amount of Insurance desired, and
    7. Guarantee period requested.
I have attached a “Fax-able” form if that is more convenient, OR Just call us and we will talk you through the process.

As Always, Thanks for your continued support and, Because you asked for it, here it is…

Term Life Insurance Support Desk