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WORK FROM HOME : Find Work From Home Jobs

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Everyone knows how difficult it can be to find a work from home job. With all the scams out there, how can anyone be sure if an opportunity is legit or not.

It is difficult to determine legit opportunities from scams. As a matter of fact, the scam ratio is currently 58:1, which means there are 58 scams to 1 legit opportunity. I know this must be difficult to hear for all you work from home job seekers...but there is still hope. All you need is a little direction and information.

Work From Home Jobs Tip #1:
Most real jobs from home require an interview and an assessment test. It is OK if this is computer generated at first, however upon acceptance you will eventually talk to a real person and be set up for training.

Work From Home Jobs Tip #2:
Most scam-free work from home jobs are free. Personally, I would not pay for any job. Most scam artists will require you to pay them in order to get all the equipment you need to do the job. Well, what happens is that they take your money and give you little training or no support and the complete thing is a flop. In the meantime, they have your money and you are still broke.

Work From Home Jobs Tip #3:
When looking for a legit work from home job on a search engine, use words such as 'virtual assistant jobs', 'virtual companies', 'technical support jobs', 'remote work', 'independent contractor', and 'freelance'. These keywords are sure to render you better results than 'work-from-home'.

Keywords such as 'work form home' will pull millions of results, mostly from scam artists. These scam artists know that this key phrase is used most commonly and people desperately seeking work from home jobs will most likely use this phrase. I know because this is what I did too in the beginning of my journey to finding a legit opportunity.

Work From Home Jobs Tip #4:
You can not get rich in 24 hours. No, that is not possible regardless of the picture that is painted for you. If you come across someone leaning against a Porsche holding a bag of money in front of their three-story house claiming to have earned that money overnight on auto-tune, you should know that this is a scam. I am not saying it's not possible to make good money online, but it can not be done on autotune...believe me I have tried and failed.

Work From Home Jobs Tip #5:
Do your research. It only takes a minute to research a company online. There are several resources to use such as,,,, and by simply entering the "company name and scam" into a google search. Do not move forward into you have gained enough confidence that the opportunity you are applying for is legit.

Work From Home Jobs Tip #6:
Get someone else to do all this for you. If you don't have the time to seek real opportunities from home and you have been scammed and frightened of being scammed again...have a reputable company send screened work from home job leads to your email account. This will completely ease all of your worries.


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